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So many crazy bitches in the rear-view mirror, motherfucker is like a dog pound

2019-02-07 - 12:08 a.m.

Let's not bullshit ourselves with a massive entry. Short version:

*I was a single dad for 15 months while watching my career, son, and mental stability slowly sink. There was a 3 month period where I thought about my death daily. Not to commit suicide. Just that if I died I would be fine with that.

*I dated Siobhan for 5 months. That was 'S' from 2 years ago. Met at a conference and reignited things. She turned out to have Borderline Personality Disorder and was a duplicitous, emotionally manipulative cunt. At the end, in a bid to win me back, she declared she was pregnant and I was the father, which was impossible giving timing of fucking. Our last conversation consisted of me eviscerating her on every level imaginable and letting her know the degree to which she fucked up completely. She bawled for a good 10 minutes straight. Proudest moment of my life. I want to destroy more people emotionally who deserve it.

*I started dating Sara shortly after Siobhan in November. She's great. She's an INTJ, hates most people, is snarky AFl, loves me, loves my kid, wants to help said kid not be a royal fuck up, and has the same life goals I do (e.g., having a daughter or two.)

And Rachel abruptly stopped talking to me for no discernible reason somewhere around me being briefly single again after Siobhan.

So there you go.

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